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Humjoli Homes Story

Over the years we have seen many people migrate from villages to bigger cities, leaving behind their ancestral homes neglected and unattended. Furthermore, as the families expand brothers build new and modern style homes – again leaving their ancestral homes lying vacant and uncared for.

That’s where we come in – Humjoli Homes adopts these old neglected and abandoned houses and converts them to “homes” where once again life can thrive and blossom to its previous glory.

Our Humjoli Homes project restores and makes these homes “stay-worthy” for those who seek to experience and live in a traditional house.



As the name suggests – Humjoli means “Camaraderie – a feeling of friendship and trust among a group of people who work together or share an experience”. Therefore, at Humjoli Homes, we collaborate with the local owners of properties in restoration and making them “stay-worthy”. Our next step is to train the host to manage and take care of the guests who come to stay in these adopted homes on long-term / short-term basis.

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Humjoli Homes is a project initiated by – One of India’s only online portal that works with the local communities in providing better income opportunities and standard of living.

If you have a home which you want to put it on lease then you too can be a part of Humjoli Homes Project.

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Benefits Explained

We renovate old homes

We help you renovate your old homes at our own cost and bring it back to its original glory for you to be able to host guests.

Marketing support

Our experienced marketing team promotes your property thru various marketing platforms including various social media and SEO forums and ensure that you get the best possible price for your business.

Like-minded guests

Only Like-Minded customers who truly value their stay are allowed to stay at our Humjoli homes projects. We happily share all necessary customer-information with the host, prior to confirmation so that the host has complete say in accepting the booking or rejecting it, in case the host is not comfortable.

Earn 100% on food cost

Whatever cost on food, that any guest has at the property goes to YOU directly. We do not charge any commissions on any food items served at your property.

Earn 100% on additional services

You get to earn 100% on all additional services that you provide to the guests including arranging for a taxi, helping them plan their local sightseeing, going with them on a trek or escorting them on short village walks, being a local guide or selling your personal produce like organic fruits/vegetables, You have countless opportunities and we want you to make the most of it.